Edio Miranda – Mel Coffee Beans


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Aroma: Honey and pineapple
Flavor: Honey, pineapple. lemons and limes
Body: Full body
Aftertaste: Persistent and prolongated
Roasted: Medium dark
Origin: Fazenda Edio Miranda
Altitude: 1200 meters
Variety: Red Catauai


Located on the state of Minas Gerais, Serra do Brigadeiro is a little piece of paradise, home to a wide range of plants and animal, including orchids, bromeliads and towering cedar, ocelots, jaguar and the araponga bird which gives the locality its name.

This is where our coffee comes from, where our friends at Edio Miranda cultivate the most delicious and tasteful coffee, with a unique flavour and the highest quality.

Edio Miranda- Mel is honey processed. This means that the skin of the cherry is removed from the beans and the sweet flesh of the cherry is allowed to dry onto the coffee, creating a sticky honey-like effect. The beans are then washed before being thoroughly dried and sent for export. This process elevates the sweetness of the coffee, highlighting the chocolate and caramel flavors while creating a creamy body and mild, balanced acidity.


Coffee with a notes of honey and pineapple, high acidity and sweetness with a prolongated after tasting.

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