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Aroma: Intense, sweet and light floral
Flavor: Light floral and black olives
Body: Full
Aftertaste: Pleasant and persistent
Roasted: Medium dark
Origin: Fazenda Santa Rita, Brazil
Altitude: 1250 meters
Variety: Yellow Cataui
Process: Peeled / Fermented / Washed


Surrounding the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo in Brazil, Serra do Caparao is a place of lush fertility and natural beauty, with the famous Pico da Bandeira one of the highest parts of Brazil.

This is where our coffee comes from, where our friends at Fazenda Santa Rita cultivate the most delicious and tasteful coffee, with a unique flavour and the highest quality.


Olivia is a coffee who has been peeled, fermented and washed, this process helps to eliminate the chance of off-taste from overripe or fermented coffee cherry which could detract from the flavour from the bean. As soon as the beans are harvested and still moist, the coffee cherry is washed off to remove the skin and pulp of the fruit. Wet process results in higher acidity and gives a clean taste to the coffee.


Coffee with a higher complexity flavour, with a sweet and intense aroma with light touch of floral notes and black olives on the aftertaste, with bright acidity and velvety body.

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