Who We Are

We are unique in being able to provide you with the full provenance of every coffee bean we roast.

Cafezinho speciality coffee is a small, independent, artisanal roastery and Direct Trade coffee importer based on the Surrey border with Kent and London.

We specialise in premium artisan organic Brazilian coffee. We know Brazil, and we know the award-winning coffee growers from the best coffee growing regions in the country.

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We directly source the best quality Brazilian coffee beans, grown in the most sustainable, social and environmental way. We then roast these to perfection to bring you the best tasting coffees available.

Environmental sustainability is a key focus for us. High quality unique flavoured coffee sourced with ethics is at the heart of everything we do.

We recognise and support the importance of minimising the environmental impact cultivating and processing coffee. We source our beans only from plantations which eschew the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

AeroPress GO Travel Coffee Maker

We are not like many other UK based roasters who simply source commodity grade green beans from coffee merchants. Our direct sourcing allows to develop long term, mutually beneficial relationship with our supplier plantations.

We are constantly nurturing and fostering our relationship with our suppliers in Brazil by our Direct Trade process, so we can help add to the whole coffee supply process. This may ultimately mean we are paying the producer more for a better-quality coffee, but we believe you will think it is more than worth it.

You can buy Cafezinho coffees direct from us in our online shop.