One of the questions we are asked most regularly at the markets and food festivals we attend is “how do you make the perfect coffee?”. As Cafezinho loosely translates as “coffee with friends”, we have a lot of practice at sharing our love of coffee with people we want to ensure enjoy it at its absolute best. So, who better to share their top tips for making the perfect cafetière coffee? Here’s what we do:

  • First warm the cafetière with hot water – just like you would a tea pot.
  • Measure out a dessert spoonful of coffee per cup (two dessert spoonfuls for mugs) and place into the bottom of the cafetière. If possible, buy coffee beans and grind them yourself as required for the freshest flavour.
  • Fill the kettle with fresh water and bring to the boil and then allow to stand for 20 seconds before pouring over the coffee.
  • Give it a stir with a wooden spoon and leave to stand for 3-4 minutes without plunging.
  • Stir again, then press the plunger down to stop the brewing process.
  • Pour slowly into mug…