New Year, new coffee! We’re delighted to have added not one but two brand new coffees to the Cafezinho range ready for shops and markets in 2019.

First up, is Salada de Frutas from Fazenda Santa Rita, which features a tropical flavour of passion fruit and jackfruit. It is grown at 1,350 metres altitude and is medium/light roasted for a pleasant, intense and persistent finish.

We have also added the extra special Flor de Outubro, from our new producer Afonso at Fazenda Forquilha do Rio, which has beautiful hints of yellow plums, caramel and sugarcane.

Grown at 1,400 metres altitude, this was named the best coffee in Brazil at the International Coffee Week (ICW) held in Belo Horizonte in November 2018. It is truly exceptional!

The International Coffee Week (ICW) is a gathering of coffee growers, roasters, tasters, exporters, buyers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, baristas, coffee shop owners and enthusiasts.

The event takes place in Belo Horizonte – capital of the largest coffee producing state in Brazil – and more than 400 samples were entered into the Coffee of The Year award competition.

Salada de Frutas and Flor de Outubro are both now available, along with the rest of the Cafezinho coffee range, in our online shop.