What’s the difference between cold brew and iced coffee? It’s a question that we’re asked nearly every day of the week here at Cafezinho, when people try our cold brew.

And we’re always pleased to explain why it tastes so good! It’s well worth the long process that goes into producing cold brew, which results in the complex and delightful result worthy of the Cafezinho name.

It’s understandable that people have questions – after all, cold brew is still only a fairly recent addition to the British drinks list, even in many coffee shops.

Sweltering summer heatwaves like this year’s one, however, have made it an increasingly popular go-to option in more cosmopolitan towns and cities.

We’ve even looked into the possibility of bringing out a whole range of Cafezinho cold brews to appeal to the differing tastes of our customers here in Surrey.

Fire and ice

So, what is cold brew? Well, long story short, coffee is chemistry and in the process of making cold brew time replaces heat. It is a more refined take on cold coffee than its iced cousin, and here’s why.

Iced coffee is, basically, standard filter coffee poured over ice. The intensity of that quick hot to cold transition can lead to a more bitter tasting drink.

While popular as a cool drink, it’s not where the real coffee magic is and, from the reaction we get when people try Cafezinho Cold Brew our customers seem to agree.

Cold-brewed coffee is a bit of a labour of love. Ground coffee is steeped in cold water for as long as 24 hours and then strained. Heat never comes into the equation.

This gentler process makes for a drink that’s lower in acidity and, so, slightly sweeter. Floral and fruity notes are preserved too. It’s truly delicious.

As an added bonus for us at Cafezinho, Brazilian single origin beans are among the very best around for brewing great cold brew.

Straight out of the fridge or poured over ice, cold brew has the magic of a really good coffee while being perfect refreshment through a heatwave.

Currently you can buy our Cafezinho Cold Brew direct from us at farmers’ markets and foodie events, but we’re in discussions with a number of farm shops in Surrey and Kent about introducing it to their drinks fridges.

Of course, if you still prefer your coffee hot, then you’re only a few clicks away from ordering our incredible single origin Brazilian beans from our online shop