Coffee and cake are made for each other, but for the ultimate elevenses choose your beans to match your treat.

At Cafezinho, each of our single origin coffees has its own unique characteristics and flavours that can take a slice of lemon drizzle to another level, depending on which bean you choose.

To match the richness of chocolate cake or brownies, opt for a mature coffee like Castanhas do Brasil sourced from Pico da Bandeira, one of the highest parts of Brazil. This coffee has notes of nuts and almonds, and a sweetness which will hold its own against the luxuriant flavours of chocolate. It was the coffee of choice at chef Laura Scott’s recent Epsom Supper Club, paired with home-made truffles to round off a delectable autumn-inspired meal.

Our Flor de Laranjeira was destined to be the perfect partner to lemon drizzle. Made from a variety of coffee called Caparao Amarelo, grown at an altitude of 1,440 metres, these medium roasted beans have a delicate hint of flowers and citric fruit, especially orange. Sip slowly with a slice of drizzle to give your coffee morning a zing.

Fruit cake takes a bit longer to make than simply whipping up a Victoria sponge, so it makes sense to pair it with a coffee that has also been given more time to reach its full potential. Doce Caparao is a variety of coffee where the fruits spend a long time on the tree before they are harvested, allowing a natural fermentation to occur. This produces a very sweet coffee with lots of fruit and almond flavours to give your Dundee or Bara Brith a lift.

Of course, taking the time to pair your cake with your cuppa could be ruined if the coffee isn’t made properly. Here’s how to make the perfect Cafezinho coffee.